How It Works

  1. Your Domain Name

    Purchase a domain name (e.g. and point it to our server, where your website will be hosted at no additional charge.

    See here for instructions on pointing your domain to our server. Then follow the instructions on the automatically generated page on your chosen domain.

  2. Your New Website

    We'll set you up with a fresh website as a blank canvas for you to start adding content, such as products, prices, images, descriptions and more.

    Our bespoke-built admin will make the process easy, fast and painless. Individual products can be added from scratch or imported from a pre-built library we provide.

  3. Customise

    Use the admin interface to build and customise your public website. Change colours, fonts, layouts and more.

  4. Orders

    When your customers place an order through your website, you'll be notified immediately. Manage the order in the admin area, where you can review it, process it, and decide if you'll be producing the order yourself or sending it to another supplier.