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Your new VB Media site will come as a blank canvas like So here are some example websites, that have been built with VB Media, to give you an idea of what can be achieved. If you want us to set the site up for you then take a look at our Set-Up Service.

Here is an example of a site with a mixture of products from various suppliers. PrintHome sells all manner of large and small format print.

Some products have been added by the inbuilt suppliers, Venture Banners and Tradeprint, whereas others were created from scratch.


Display-Box has been set-up as a Venture Banners reseller site. Selling only their items.

As such, a sidebar with a large format calculator is present for easy ordering of banners, boards and signs.


Designed to be a Tradeprint reseller site, Your Print Company has all available products from the Tradeprint API. All prices are marked up with a percentage and automatically change.

The navigation bar has been customised to easily signpost visitors to each major product section.


More Examples